About Genuine Toner Cartridges

This site is owned and operated by Advanced Maintenance Australia Pty. Ltd. ( ABN 54079413602 ) trading as www.genuinetonercartridges.com.au 

Genuine Toner Cartridges is a web site developed by Advanced Maintenance Australia Pty. Ltd. This site is dedicated to supplying toner and IT products.

Advanced Maintenance Australia is a service company located in Sydney Australia. The company has been operating for over 15 years and was primarily dedicated to repairing laser printers. Our focus is to repair laser printers and try and keep as few printers going into land fill as possible. We know this is a hard task, as printers become cheaper to buy and the economics of repair is not viable.

Our attributes.

Competitive pricing on toner supplies, printers and IT products.

Kyocera specialist

Hewlett Packard specialist

Friendly helpful advice

Prompt service

Fixed price labour repair

All repairs onsite

Repair quote available over the phone before placing a service call