Freight charges
The price for shipping Samsung or HP spare parts is between $9.35 and $27.50 inc gst, unless the part displays "Includes delivery". Freight pricing can be found after adding an item to your cart, and clicking on the shopping cart in the top right corner of the page.


Parts with the freight shown do not have a free freight limit.


Smaller spare parts such as rollers, gears, belts etc have the same freight charge as toner and ink. $9.35 inc gst.


Toner, ink and smaller spare part purchases with a combined total of $250.00 inc gst have free freight. Australia wide.


Normal toner and ink freight charges are $9.35 inc gst. Australia wide.


Combined toner, ink and larger spare part orders will incur the spare part freight charge, no matter if the amount exceeds the $250.00 free freight amount. Alternatively, if the spare part has "Includes delivery" and you add toner or ink to the cart, then the $9.35 freight charge will added. 


If none of this makes sense, please email info@genuinetonercartridges.com.au or telephone (02) 9858 4460 to help clarify.


Alternatively, you can place the products in the cart, continue shopping and then click your shopping cart icon in the top right corner, this will show the freight charge. You do not have to complete the order if the freight cost is not acceptable.


Advanced Maintenance Australia Pty. Ltd. (ABN 54079413602) reserves the right to cancel any order and reverse the payment made by the purchaser, the purchaser will incur no costs.