CODE: BA44-00272A

Price: $98.78

(Inclusive of gst)

Product Description
Genuine new Samsung ADAPTOR;PA-1400-24,AD-4019SL,19V,2.1A. Complete with AC, 240 volt power cord.
All Samsung spare parts sourced from Samsung Australia. Parts come with a standard 90 day manufacturers warranty.
Models Supported
Samsung NP900X3A-A01AU Samsung NP900X3A-A02AU Samsung NP900X3A-A03AU Samsung NP900X3A-B01AU
Samsung NP900X3A-B02AU Samsung NP900X3A-B03AU Samsung NP900X3A-A03AU Samsung NP900X3A-B04AU
Samsung NP900X3A-B05AU Samsung NP900X3A-MS1AU Samsung NP900X3C-A01AU Samsung NP900X3C-A02AU
Samsung NP900X3C-A03AU Samsung NP900X3C-A06AU Samsung NP900X3C-AB1AU Samsung NP900X3C-AB2AU
Samsung NP900X3D-A01AU Samsung NP900X3E-A01AU Samsung NP900X3E-K01AU Samsung NP900X4C-A01AU
Samsung NP900X4C-A05AU Samsung NP900X4C-A06AU Samsung NP900X4C-AB1AU Samsung NP900X4C-AB2AU
Samsung NP900X4C-K01AU Samsung NP900X4D-A02AU Samsung NP900X4D-K01AU