Return policy

Advanced Maintenance Australia provides a full manufacturers warranty on all consumables and parts for any brand for faults due to defective materials or workmanship. Please refer to the manufacturers web site for warranty periods and terms of use.

What to do if a toner cartridge, ink cartridge or spare part fails

  1. Contact us by email: info@genuinetonercartridges.com.au or telephone 1300366332
  2. Supply the order# number allocated from the web site.
  3. Supply the product code. 
  4. Give a clear and accurate fault description.
  5. Please provide a print sample displaying fault if possible. Note: Applicable to toner and ink.
  6. A supplies page showing usage of toner cartridge or ink cartridge if possible. Note: Applicable to toner and ink.
  7. You are responsible for returning the product, unless the cost of doing so is significant. In this case, the business must organise and pay for the return or exchange.

Ordered in error or no longer required

If you have ordered the wrong product by mistake or you no longer require the product, in most cases we will take the product back subject to how much time has elapsed and a restocking fee, this fee is typically 10% and will not exceed 25% of the price you paid. Products must be returned in a saleable condition. All costs to return the product are the responsibility of the customer. If Advanced Maintenance Australia deems that the product has been returned in a non-saleable condition then it is at its discretion to offer a refund for the product. Consequently, we recommend that the product be returned inside extra packaging.

Toner and ink must be returned within 30 days of invoice. Our wholesalers will not accept returns over 30 days. Parts must be returned within 30 days of invoice.

Note: The restocking fee is from our toner and ink wholesaler for incorrect or returned products. Advanced Maintenance Australia Pty. Ltd. does not profit from any restocking fee.

Incorrect product supplied

We work hard to ensure the right product is shipped to you but in the event that an incorrect item is shipped we will credit the product in full once returned. Please consult with our sales team before ordering a replacement to ensure that we do not repeat the error. If the product is incorrectly supplied please try to return the product in its original unopened packaging. Consequently, we recommend that the product be returned inside extra packaging.

Your rights to repairs and warranty on goods and services

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Queensland guarantees, warranties and refunds

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